Nobody around here is more misunderstood than the chief. I should know: nobody spends more time with her than me, and that was true before I became her personal bodyguard. You might see a woman so dead inside that she thinks nothing of assigning assassinations and doling out capital punishment. But I know the truth. Beneath that tough countenance and soft robe is a scared kid looking for love. Aren't we all?



Full Name: Cairn di'Cerilyn

Aliases: Joy di'Eros, Cairn di'Eros. Joy di'Cerilyn

Year of Birth: 4508

Height: 5'8

Occupation: Mercenary

Rank: Chief of Second Tribe

Race: Hybrid

Spiritual Status: Non-reincarnated at birth


Cairn was given the name Joy at birth, in honor of the High Priestess. As she aged, she looked more and more like the fabled woman of the Void, but that only leads a young girl to trouble when she's raised in a brothel on a pleasure moon.

Shortly before puberty, Cairn was sold to Chief Ayna Aiya of Cerilyn, who took a personal (and perverted) interest in the child. From then on, Cairn gave herself the name that would eventually be scratched into the history books. And after a few years of training, murdering, and philandering, she was prepared to face destiny head-one when she obtained chiefdom by right of regicide.

Over more than a decade, Cairn transformed not only her tribe, but all of Cerilynian life into something better and more obtainable. Yet while she also underwent her own personal transformation, Cairn could not stop the fate hurtling toward her home in the form of her estranged father.

History may not know her that well, but Cairn went down knowing exactly what she wanted in her next life.


Home Planet: Eros; Cerilyn

Ethnicity: Erosian, Cerilynian

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Parents: Illena di'Eros, Nerilis Dunsman

Other Family: None

Orientation: Lesbian