That woman has been after me for as long as I can remember now. Don't ask me how we already know each other. It would be a long, uncomfortable lecture about how you shouldn't get mixed up with crazy. What shocks me isn't that she eventually became Commander of the whole damn Forces. It's that nobody has figured out what gashed her eye. When even I know...



Full Name: Yara d'Alacron

Aliases: Commander, Kayna Score

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 5'9

Occupation: Federation Forces

Rank: Supreme Commander

Race: Human

Spiritual Status: Reincarnated


Yara enjoyed a charmed and privileged life as the daughter of a high-level politician. A naïve sense of justice led her to studying criminal justice with an intent of being a force for good on behalf of the Federation.

After joining the Forces, she quickly raised in rank and was eventually tapped for high-profile undercover work. Her last great mission required infiltrating a notorious terrorist group that ended with her somehow losing not only her right eye, but the last of her innocence. It was this change in personality and worldview that made her a prime candidate for further promotions - until she eventually became Commander of the Federation Forces.

Yara is not the first woman, nor the youngest to ever be promoted. If this accomplished but otherwise forgettable footnote in Federation history is to leave her mark for the next few thousand years, she needs to accomplish a great feat. Right now, that obsession is capturing the most wanted criminal in history: Nerilis Dunsman.

The easiest way to get to him is through anyone who has ever known him. If there's one thing Yara is good at, it's obstructing the goals and getting in the way of every hero on the list. But she's fine with going down as the biggest, most annoying antagonist in intergalactic human history. As long as she's known for something.


Home Planet: Terra III

Ethnicity: Terran

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde

Parents: Rashir and Othara d'Alacron

Other Family: None Known

Orientation: Bisexual

Education: University of Terra III, Criminal Justice