Everyone has that one person who kills them with one look, whether they know it or not. Well, Danielle has no idea. She's about as aware of her power as an asteroid innocently hurtling through space. She is truly the antithesis of my father.



Full Name: Danielle Sumire Cromwell

Aliases: Sulim di'Graelic, Danielle Smith, Mercenary

Date of Birth: August 14th, 1978

Height: 5'7

Occupation: American Military

Rank: First Lieutenant

Race: Human

Spiritual Status: Trapped in the Process


Danielle's father died before she was born, and her mother a few years later. Her childhood was spent on her grandmother's small ranch, where she learned how to ride and care for horses until she became more interested in girls in high school.

Further following in her grandmother's footsteps, she enlisted in the military after dropping out of college. Unbeknownst to her at the time, this drive was a result of her previous life as an intergalactic mercenary. The part of her soul that had never moved on from that life was desperate to get back at it. Unfortunately for Danielle, she ended up in a data entry department with a captain who reminded her of other things from her past life.

Spiritual trauma marks her soul and refuses to let her fully regress. While juggling saving the world (and the universe,) Danielle must come to grips with her past and the manipulative warrior she used to be. She's aware that none of the stories her old friends tell her will make sense until she regresses. The problem? Deep down, she'd rather die than face the fears and PTSD that old life gave her. Even if it means forgetting the one thing that made it all worth it.

Nobody knows better than Danielle that life can be incredibly unfair. Too bad for her she's had over ninety chances to prove that right.


Hometown: Marin County, CA

Zodiac: Leo, Horse

Ethnicity: 3/4 European-American, 1/4 Japanese

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Blonde

Parents: David Cromwell & Emily Smith (dec.)

Other Family: Regina Biggs (Grandmother)

Orientation: Bisexual

Education: BA in American History