“My body is older than yours, but my soul is as young as yours. I couldn’t control who I was born as. Not today, and not a thousand years ago. But the Void decided that nothing was more important than us crossing paths one day. I’ve regretted every time I’ve let you out of my sight since.”

That head of blond bowed, a hand covering her face.

“You don’t remember me because of something we did. Something we can’t take back.” Miranda switched to English. “We can’t take it back. But it’s not our fault. We did what we had to do.” Miranda wasn’t as strong as Danielle. She had to shed more than a few tears as she fought for the words to say that would get her point across without potentially damaging Danielle’s soul. “I wish to the Void you could remember. Anything. Even the worst day of our lives.”


The third installment in the main series

Time goes on, and souls come and go.

The Void never forgets.

Most of humanity has moved on from the terrors Nerilis Dunsman wrought. Yet for those still breaking free from the Process, life is anything but normal. Danielle has been court-martialed from the military. Devon is an unwilling celebrity for trillions. And Miranda stands across a chasm, with divine triumph on one side and eternal agony on the other.

Meanwhile, Yara d’Alacron, the Commander of the Federation Forces, wants Nerilis brought to justice for his monumental crimes against humanity. And if she can’t have him, she wants to bring down his accomplices, including the woman who has been playing the double-agent for a thousand years.

But Miranda has bigger problems, like helping Danielle finally regain her memories and break free from the Process. Their flowering romance won’t mean a thing until Danielle finally remembers the pain, joy and passion that once kept her, Devon, and Miranda together another age ago.

Fighting back against one of the most powerful humans in the Federation will take more than luck and wit. It will take all of the skills and well-earned arrogance the three of them developed a thousand years ago, when the ghosts of their bloody pasts followed them into the future.

And it will take a spiritual intervention of holy proportions. Only the Void can help them now.

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Release Date: November 28th, 2022

Formats: Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover

Audio: In Development

Paperback and hardcover will be available ahead of release at live events. (See Events page for confirmed appearances.)

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