I've only ever wanted what's best for daughter. That means a suitable husband who can curtail her rambunctious personality. What? Don't look at me like that. I'm not old-fashioned. I'm practical. I know who she came from, after all!



Full Name: Kalera Ferran

Aliases: Kalera Amyran

Age: 60+

Height: 5'3

Occupation: Bodyguard

Race: Hybrid (Julah-Human)

Sorcery Abilities: Strong


From an early age, Kalera knew she never really fit in with the julah side of her family. Although her mother facilitated the overarching success of Kalera's life, it was her human father with whom she had the strongest bond. Yet when Kalera came of age, she was not only thrust into the heart of her mother's culture in the Academy, but suddenly at the whim of everything it stood for. Before she graduated, she was already betrothed to Vikkel Amyran, a classmate she may or may not have been intimately involved with already.

Yet when they agreed to both ghost their wedding, it was Kalera who ultimately showed up and was humiliated in front of her mother's friends. The distance between her and Vikkel culminated when Kalera was recruited into the League of Spiritual Awareness, where she donned the mantle of assassin. When her father Cornelius hired Vikkel to keep watch over her, it was a chance to rekindle their abandoned romance - and for Kalera to get a hold of what she really wanted in life: someone who actually cared about and understood her.

Now, she's the talented bodyguard to one of the most powerful sorcerers in the universe and a mother herself. Yet what Kalera has always derided the most is now her whole world. As the universe crumbles around her, she must not only play her part in its saving... but protect her family as well.


Home Planet: Yahzen (and Terra III)

House: Ferran

Eyes: Dark

Hair: Black

Parents: Lady Nicola Ferran and Cornelius d'Ferran

Other Family: Vikkel Amyran (Husband,) Lancin Amyran (Brother-in-law,) Lilla Amyran (Mother-in-Law)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Education: Academy Student (Top of Class)