When I say I love her, I don't mean as an object, an idea, or as a symbol. The reason that girl so easily won my heart is because she matched me in the lecture hall but was so utterly different otherwise. She had a pure soul. Maybe her heart was muddled, and her body did as it willed, but her soul put mine to shame. It was no question who I would marry. My only fear is that I never told her how much I loved her when it mattered most.

Nerilis Dunsman


Full Name: Joiya Lerenan

Aliases: High Priestess of the Void, Young Lady Lerenan

Age: 3000+

Height: 5'3

Occupation: High Priestess

Race: Julah

Sorcery Abilities: Arch-master of Void Magic. Technically the most proficient user in all history, but such mastery was achieved post-Ascension and is still highly contested by the Academy.


From an early age, Joiya's low-ranking family knew she was special. Between summoning ancestors as a child and outranking every tutor thrown at her, Lady Lerenan knew there was one choice for her young, savant daughter: the Academy was the only place that could help her.

Although not the youngest to ever be admitted, Joiya was still considered a special case - and the Masters worried about the naive and sheltered girl falling in with two of the biggest rabble-rousers on campus. Yet Joiya became fast friends with Nerilis Dunsman and Ramaron Marlow, transforming into the lifelong lover of the former and the most valued confidant of the latter. Joiya and her fiancé Nerilis were marked for the fast-track through the Temple ranks when, on the eve of their wedding, the Void called Joiya Home and she became the prophesized High Priestess of legend.

Now, Joiya is neither mortal nor goddess. She's a metaphysical enigma who holds the two worlds together, and she is fading fast. As fast as the Void, which clings to her powerful soul in a last-ditch effort to keep from imploding.

Joiya knows she will never live a normal life again. Her goal now is to save those she loves most.


Home Planet: Yahzen

House: Lerenan

Eyes: Dark

Hair: Black

Parents: Master Solath and Lady Yariah

Orientation: Rendered Irrelevant

Education: First in the Academy