There ain't a gal in this whole place who knows more about what's going on than Giselle. Some might say it's Sulim, but outside of the chief, Giselle's the only one who isn't afraid to put Sulim in her place. She's pretty, she's friendly, and she'll kick your ass if you cross her or someone she likes. Honestly, what's not to like? Pass her a good word about me so she remembers we've got a date tomorrow.



Full Name: Giselle Sha'damus

Year of Birth: 4508

Height: 5'10

Occupation: Mercenary

Rank: Bodyguard

Race: Human

Spiritual Status: Non-reincarnated at birth


Giselle, like many in Second Tribe, was not born on Cerilyn. Instead, she comes from Cachaya, a planet known for its culture and cuisine. Although growing up in the tropics set her up well for life on Cerilyn, Giselle frequently comments on the lack of spice in the food and how even her own father spoke better Basic than some of the louts she now works with - and Basic is not the native language of Cachaya.

She claims her story of coming to Cerilyn is "boring," citing that, "It was a raid like any other, and this time I got scooped." Yet her lack of desire to reunite with her family implies that she either had none or they did not serve her life well. Rumors abound that she was sold by her parents, but Giselle often puts a stop to them. The only people who know the truth are the ones closest to her, and even then she doesn't like talking about, preferring to focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past.

Giselle has a lot of respect and authority throughout Second Tribe, but even before coming into her own, she was popular with people her own age. Her affable demeanor, empathetic attitude, and love for the weekend party scene has earned her dozens of friends and the trust of Cairn. Because of this, Giselle often gets bodyguard duty, but she doesn't mind. The older she gets, the more she values staying alive so she can retire back to Cachaya one day - far from her birth family, preferably.


Home Planet: Cachaya

Ethnicity: Cachayan

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Orientation: Straight