If you want someone shot or beaten half to death, call me. If, however, you want someone who can sneak inside a building, lie to everyone until they're her best friend, and steal that piece of pivotal information that will give you an edge over the competition, call Sulim. Then again, that's probably why we're always hired together.



Full Name: Sulim di'Graelic

Aliases: Sulim di'Cerilyn, Sulim Montrael

Year of Birth: 4510

Height: 5'7

Occupation: Mercenary

Rank: Head of Security of Second Tribe

Race: Human

Spiritual Status: Non-reincarnated at birth


Sulim's parents died when she was too young to remember them. She grew up on her aunt and uncle's farm on the sleepy agrarian planet of Qahrain, a place that soon became a hot zone for the civil unrest plaguging the Federation. When a contingent from Cerilyn's Second Tribe arrived to assassinate a nearby lord, they took part of their payment in the form of kidnapping and pillaging. Sulim was absconded that day.

On Cerilyn, she survived her training and began accumulating allies that would serve her well over the next ten years. As her skills in espionage, theft, and social engineering improved, she became one of the most in-demand mercenaries of her time. For most of her career, she avoided killing targets. That usually fell to her partner, the strong and resilient Sonall. Together, they helped pave the way for Second Tribe's legacy as a wealthy and successful place to hire mercenary work.

In the short years leading up to her death, Sulim retired as a mercenary and accepted a promotion as the chief's personal bodyguard, as well as taking charge of the tribe's overall security. When Ramaron Marlow came knocking looking for help in saving her new planet, Sulim answered the only way she knew how.

Of course she'd help. For a price.


Home Planet: Qahrain

Ethnicity: Qahrainian

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Blonde

Parents: Keelim di'Graelic and Laryn di'Nisse

Other Family: Caramine Montrael (Aunt), Fel Montrael (Cousin)

Orientation: Lesbian