The first time I met Lanelle, she called me such mean names that I instantly decided to become her best friend. Granted, it's been a few decades and she still treats me like her obnoxious kid brother, but I don't mind. The Void knows I'd die for her, and I'm pretty sure she'd die for me, too. Right? Yeah, don't believe her when she says she doesn't like me. The woman can't even live without me.



Full Name: Lanelle Lanerak

Aliases: Too many to list

Year of Birth: It's Complicated

Height: 5'5

Occupation: Personal Assistant to Ramaron Marlow

Race: Human

Spiritual Status: In the Process


When young Lanelle first responded to a want-ad hundreds of years ago, she never expected to become the personal assistant to master-julah Ramaron Marlow. And as the decades of her first life passed on, they both realized that her skills were so invaluable that she must go into the Process - if only to become Master Marlow's personal assistant again and again.

Now on her fifth life, Lanelle knows exactly what to do. From the moment she regresses, she sheds whatever life she's been born into and once again becomes "Lanelle Lanerak," the universe's most caustic personal assistant.

Not that she cares. No, really, she totally doesn't care. It's not like she's dabbled in drugs, demons, and debauchery to deal with what the Process has done to her soul. Because, deep down, Lanelle is an intensely lonely person who keeps people at a distance. She never knows when she'll die and have to start the whole cycle over again. Luckily for her, there are some in people in her life who are not so easily pushed away. They just pretend to go along with her tough-girl facade.


Home Planet: Terra III

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Parents: N/A

Other Family: None

Orientation: Pansexual

Education: Too many degrees to count