She's one of the few people in this Void-forsaken place who will make you laugh in a minute. Sometimes it's because of how absurd she is, but she has her moments of genuine empathy. You kinda feel sorry for her. She's never known a life outside of Cerilyn, and you can tell from how rough she is around the edges. She ain't a street urchin from some other planet. Not some mining colony brat who never saw the sun before. She'll ask you all sorts of questions about where you come from, because she wants to go there. Honestly? You want to take her there.



Full Name: Kila di'Cerilyn

Year of Birth: 4511

Height: 5'5

Occupation: Mercenary

Rank: Junior

Race: Human

Spiritual Status: Non-reincarnated at birth


Kila was born to a Second Tribe scullery maid who died only a few years after. Like most children born to the tribe, Kila harbored dreams of becoming a successful mercenary. But while other kids wanted to get away from servantry or unscrupulous work in town, Kila saw mercenary life as an escape. Unlike many of the recruits, she was from nowhere else - and Kila wanted nothing more than to live a Federation life.

Although she had the heart, in the end, Kila was a mediocre mercenary whose skills lay more in her keen sense of relationships and networking. She is a favorite of Chief Ayna Aiya, however, marking her for a life of a different kind of servitude than her mother knew.

Kila is the type of social girl who either makes friends with her humor or enemies with her acidic attitudes. She's well-aware of the hierarchy in the tribe and takes full advantage of any power over others she has. When she's not working, she's establishing herself among peers and seniors, convinced that her future will exist long beyond the chief's reign.

Ultimately, her soul is marked for other things. But before she goes, she'll leave an impact that echoes for a thousand years.


Home Planet: Cerilyn

Ethnicity: Cerilynian

Eyes: Light

Hair: Blond

Orientation: It's Complicated