You ever feel like you're cursed? Like that shadow following you around is something you deserve because you did something terrible in a past life? No, it's not karma. It's Syrfila Tograten. Or Maj. Sara Kobayashi of the USMC. What's really insulting is that I had to teach her Japanese so she could steal some poor woman's identity.



Full Name: Syrfila Tograten

Aliases: Maj. Sara Kobayashi

Date of Birth: Federation Year 5550

Height: 5'9

Occupation: Separatist, American Military

Rank: Major

Race: Huling

Spiritual Status: Reincarnated


Syrfila was born on the huling planet of Hulinko, during a time of constant strife. For years, the Federation had been attempting to forcibly annex the far-flung but resource-rich planet, and a large and strong separatist movement was born alongside Syrfila. She never truly connected with her parents, which is a common motif among huling society. Instead, she was raised by a militaristic community that taught her the values of both self-defense... and offense.

As Syrfila grew up, she quickly raised in the ranks of the movement and was eventually drafted into a terrorist movement that took the action to Federation territories and was behind the deaths of many civilian casualties. Her unit was eventually invaded by a then-undercover operative named Yara d'Alacron. Once Yara had the evidence she needed, Syrfila's unit was captured by the Federation Forces. Yet while she was being transported to Terra III, Syrfila managed to escape and caught a space cruiser to Earth, where many intergalactic felons hide out.

Since then, she's been the second-most wanted person (and the most-wanted female) in the Federation. Her bounty is great, but her wit and skills are greater. So is her greed, although even that has an altruistic bent to it. Syrfila claims that the only reason she started working with Nerilis Dunsman to destroy Earth is because he paid her so handsomely that she could single-handedly fund separatist efforts back on Hulinko.

Syrfila is best known in the series for being Nerilis's right-hand henchwoman and Miranda's minder. Her relationship with Miranda goes so far back and is so complex that one would question if they were a couple in a toxic relationship. Syrfila would be fine with that. Miranda knows she deserves better. It's only a matter of time before Syrfila finds that out.


Home Planet: Hulinko

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black

Orientation: Gay

Education: None