I hate his stupid, kinda sexy face.



Full Name: Vikkel Amyran

Aliases: None

Age: 70+

Height: 6'6

Occupation: Bodyguard

Race: Hybrid (Julah-Human)

Sorcery Abilities: Above Average


Vikkel has always known that his place on Yahzen is precarious. Not only is he a hybrid on a planet that often looks down on them, his own mother is the narcissistic schemer Lilla Amyran. His place has always been that of a pawn - one to marry to a woman of noble standing, in the hopes of eventually raising his own House's status. Barring that, academic, sorceric and career excellence would do nicely.

Unfortunately for House Amyran, Vikkel has never been content with pawnship. He allowed things to crumble while in the Academy, where he met his betrothed wife Kalera Ferran. When they agreed to skip their wedding in protest to their families, Vikkel was shocked to hear that Kalera actually showed up - and was incredulous that he stood her up. He dropped out of the Academy and entered the Yahzen Defense Force to save some face. Yet life as a soldier was not meant for Vikkel, either, as he eventually defected and brought more criticism upon his family.

Now, Vikkel attempts to distance himself from his family while securing his own future. When Cornelius d'Ferran approaches him for special mercenary work, Vikkel is willing to accept. Because it means following his ex-fiancée halfway across the universe and hoping that something - anything- can be salvaged from the carnage they both created decades before.

Vikkel is about to grow up. Quickly.


Home Planet: Yahzen

House: Amyran

Eyes: Light

Hair: Dark Brown

Parents: Lady Lilla Amyran and Richtorl d'Amyran

Other Family: Lancin Amyran (Younger Brother), Kalera Ferran (Wife), Nicola Ferran (Mother-in-Law), Cornelius d'Ferran (Father-in-Law.)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Education: Academy Student, Yahzen Defense Force Training