There's always that one talented kid in the Academy whom everyone wants to befriend and impress. Back then, it was Nerilis, the scion of House Dunsman and the most damned beautiful man you had ever met. Our advisor told me to stay away from him. He said the same thing to young Lady Lerenan. Yet there we were, entangled in his web -and his sheets. Now my whole life is dedicated to this ass. How about that?

Ramaron Marlow


Full Name: Nerilis Dunsman

Aliases: High Priest of the Void, Master Dunsman

Age: 3000+

Height: 6'10

Occupation: Criminal, High Priest of the Void (former.)

Race: Julah

Sorcery Abilities: Master Manipulator of Void Magic. Considered the most magically powerful person to ever live.


Nerilis was always marked for greatness, being born the only child of a high-ranking Master in julah society. When he showed great sorcerous promise, he was admitted into the Academy at a younger than usual age, where he excelled in every aspect but likability. Indeed, outside of the few Masters he respected, the only people to ever penetrate his ego and pride were fellow students Ramaron Marlow and Joiya Lerenan, the former of whom became his greatest friend and rival, while the latter became the love of his life.

After graduation, his quick ascension through the ranks of the Temple led him to become the youngest ever High Priest of the Void. This was after a tumultuous courtship with Joiya that inevitably ended with her Ascension into the Void. Through her, High Priest Nerilis learned of the Void's oncoming collapse and abdicated his position to take matters into his own hands when the Temple refused to help.

Now, Nerilis is the most wanted criminal to have ever lived. He reluctantly believes that the only way to keep the universe intact is to sacrifice entire planets and their populations to the Void. But he's running out of victims - and the Void is still running out of time.

As Nerilis ages and continues to combat his grief, he knows another solution must be discovered. He's already knee-deep in heretical magic. What's learning how to Cross dimensions going to do to his shattered reputation?

Absolutely nothing. So he might as well go for it. Why else was he born?


Home Planet: Yahzen

House: Dunsman (now Ducah)

Eyes: Dark

Hair: Blonde

Parents: Master Hermin and Lady Josih

Other Family: Calseeth Ducah (Cousin)

Orientation: It's Complicated

Education: First in the Academy