There are women who make you feel alive, because they love you, support you, and are always there for you. Then there are the ones who take that all away from you. Doesn't matter if they don't delight in it. They still did it, and their names tend to be Miranda.



Full Name: Miranda Ann Hotchner

Aliases: Michiko Kawazama

Date of Birth: May 27th, 1973

Height: 5'7

Occupation: American Military

Rank: Captain

Race: Hybrid (ma-Julah)

Spiritual Status: Trapped in the Process


Miranda is the illegitimate daughter of a college student and an "American GI" who made himself scarce until she was in high school. Although she was born and raised in California, her mother moved her back to Tokyo when she was in high school because Miranda exhibited "concerning behaviors" and had picked up "disgusting habits" while in America. Clearly, Japanese Catholic school was the answer.

Most of Miranda's young adulthood was dictated by her father, who compelled her to join the military and put her in contact with more unsavory characters. At the start of the series, she is the captain of an administrative division that includes Danielle, a woman Miranda has purposely put herself near. Her personal feelings, however, are outweighed by a fierce sense of duty that relates closely to her former life.

Throughout the series, Miranda not only chases after what is destined to be in her grasp, but is forced to reconcile who she used to be - and her impending role in saving not only Earth, but the entire universe. A potential for unlimited power rests within her. Too bad she's "only" a Julah on her father's side.


Hometown: San Jose, CA

Zodiac: Gemini, Ox

Ethnicity: 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 Julah

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black

Parents: Kyoko Kawazama, Nerilis Dunsman

Other Family: Hiroko Kawazama (Grandmother), Joiya Lerenan (fmr. Mother)

Orientation: Gay

Education: BA in International Studies