The Butterfly Compendium

Emily truly and honorably believed she was doing the right thing when she swerved the car toward the large oak tree towering over some rancher’s fence line. Her sacrifice meant eradicating the terrible afflictions haunting her daughter’s mind in the Process. It meant someone better than Emily could take care of her and give her everything she needed. It meant Emily’s personal freedom from her own demons that haunted her.

It meant seeing her mother again, somewhere in the Void, where they would flutter together as perfect, golden butterflies until they were washed and dissipated, ready to be born as new, unrelated people. Such is the promise to those not bound to true reincarnation.


This is a full-length contemporary fantasy novel. 

Do you know what it’s like to die? 

I can tell you. I’ve seen the process countless times.

A thousand years ago, three people were lurched into an endless cycle of death and rebirth.

This is their ninety-ninth cycle.

They must reconcile the ghosts of their previous lives and the people they are now. Even though they still love each other. Even though they’re still terrified of the mistakes they once made but no longer remember.

I was there when they first died, holding each other and promising to always be in love.

I am there now, witnessing their ninety-ninth cycle.

Earth is soon doomed. Another planet sacrificed to the Void, where all souls are born.

I am the High Priestess of the Void. I am begging the universe to spare us all before it is too late.

The Butterfly Compendium is the introductory novel to the CROSS// universe.

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Formats: Ebook, Paperback

Audio: In Development

Paperback and hardcover will be available ahead of release at live events. (See Events page for confirmed appearances.)

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