I could have been born to any House on Yahzen, yet here I am the oldest son of a woman who will forever resent my human father. Not because she didn't choose him or know what she was doing when she married him, but because I'll forever be a reminder of the life she wanted and didn't have. The only saving grace is that I'll be dead long before she finally sinks her teeth into some poor third son of a mid-tier family and begets him the most hellish children in the universe.

Vikkel Amyran


Full Name: Lilla Amyran

Aliases: Lady Amyran

Age: 2000+

Height: 5'11

Occupation: Matriarch of House Amyran

Race: Julah

Sorcery Abilities: Slightly Above Average


Lilla was born the only child of a falling House - a recent ancestor single-handedly gambled away most of the family's meager fortunes, leaving Lilla's own parents scrambling for relevance and a stable income. Although the Yahzen government would never let the scion of a House go without, one thing was always clear to young Lilla: people looked down on her, and that was not acceptable.

Yet nothing she did was ever enough. No matter how much she applied herself at the Academy, and no matter who she seduced behind the scenes, she never acquired the right network of peers or - most of all - the right betrothal to secure her family's future. By the time she inherited the title of Lady Amyran, her own future was her responsibility.

Since then, Lilla has only cared about one thing: raising her family's status and once again making House Amyran a name of merit. Her first two marriages to human men produced two sons whose sole existence is to be successful and marry well. Unfortunately, oldest son Vikkel stood up his fiancee at the altar and defected from Yahzen's military. As for her youngest son? There's still potential - and plenty of bitter disappointment.

Lilla has been backed into a corner. Will she prevail in finding the perfect julah husband? Or will she perform an act of sacrilege for her own personal gain?

Even she doesn't know what she's in for.


Home Planet: Yahzen

House: Amyran

Eyes: Light

Hair: Blonde

Parents: Master Goraen and Lady Esselah

Other Family: Vikkel Amyran, Lancin Amyran (Sons), Kalera Ferran (Daughter-in-Law)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Education: Academy Graduate