The man was clearly going through puberty again. That was the only explanation anyone would have surmised. Including Danielle, who finally turned her head in his direction and asked, “The hell is wrong with your voice?”

“Like I said, you have to see it to believe it.”

Danielle slammed her coffee cup onto the counter. This was the first time she had seen him in months. His hair was the same. His skin was still pale, especially now that summer was over. His face, however, was anything but what she recalled.

“Did you get plastic surgery? Your chin is different. And maybe your nose too… actually, you look… different.” More like unsettling. Devon was the same, yet something was amiss.

“Because this happened!” Devon lifted his sweatshirt.


The second installment of the main series.

The Void still aches to be saved.

Sacrifices must be made.

Nerilis Dunsman may have given up his quest to send as many souls back to the Void as possible, but his band of underground followers are willing to take up the cause. While a secret society of julah death cultists don’t have the power to destroy like their idol once did, they do have one powerful tool at their side…

Knowledge that killing at least one soul in the Process could save everyone.

Danielle teams up with Devon again, but this time it’s to run for their lives from an organization sending their best and brightest to bring down the mercenaries.

They’ll be chased across Earth – and across the Federation!

The thirst for revenge will only be quenched with Devon’s torture and Danielle’s death. Good thing they have a ragtag team of old julah, unwitting Earthlings, and a host of Federation soldiers on their side.

With any luck, Danielle will regain her memories. Before she’s sacrificed to the greater good.

Release Info

Ebook preorders will begin soon.

Release Date: October 14th, 2022

Formats: Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover

Audio: In Development

Paperback and hardcover will be available ahead of release at live events. (See Events page for confirmed appearances.)

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