I know the man better than any other human. You want to know how extraordinary his abilities are? Ask him to put you into the Process. Better yet! Wait for him to offer! What he won't understand is that you're not completely entwined with his state of affairs. You know what family member is weasling his way into the Master's good graces so they can inherit, and you know all the women his mother tried to arrange to be his wife. But the whole family knows he's a confirmed bachelor. Who the hell could have a shot at becoming Lady Marlow? Come on, I'm his personal assistant, not his biographer!



Full Name: Ramaron Marlow

Aliases: Master Marlow

Age: 3000+

Height: 6'8

Occupation: Vigilante

Race: Julah

Sorcery Abilities: Master Manipulator of Void Magic.


Ramaron's earliest claim to fame was being born the only child of Master Rene Marlow, the acclaimed author of modern julah literature. His book "A Thousand Years of Bliss" chronicles the ups and downs of the fictional House Hortah as they juggle life, love, and their cageh crops. To this day, it is not only still beloved by the julah people, but translations of it are compulsorily taught in Federation schools.

Rene died early in Ramaron's life, however, and he was primarily raised by his tomboyish mother. His education was handled by the usual tutors who noticed an early, strong skill in sorcery. According to Ramaron himself, he "accidentally" learned to teleport as a child, decades before he should have mastered the skill.

He was granted an early admittance into the Academy at his mother's behest, after she realized that her son's mundane life at home was only likely to get him into trouble. The biggest trouble, however, came when Ramaron met Nerilis Dunsman on his first day at the Academy. The two became fast rivals, then friends, and eventually pulled Joiya Lerenan into their fold when she too received an early admittance several years later.

Ramaron's always claimed that his fate felt set in stone, but that he had no idea what it was. He began Temple studies due to his predilection for Void magic, but never felt any kind of calling to become a priest. Problems back on Marlow Estate only made matters worse - his mother had done her duty at arranging marriages for him, even taking into consideration her son's "lack of interest" in women. But she died before he could eventually capitulate, and the Ascension occurred soon after. Not only was Ramaron now the head of his House, but he had all the freedom he wanted.

His fate became known when Nerilis abdicated the High Priesthood and began his Reign of Terror. Ramaron dedicated his life to pursuing and putting a stop to the carnage, recruiting help from humans along the way. His skills with Void magic makes him one of the only recorded julah to enter not one, but three souls into the Process. Two of them were Cerilynian mercenaries who continue to fight against Nerilis on Ramaron's behalf, and the other is his personal assistant, Lanelle.

To this day, he continues to shirk his personal responsibilities in the name of the greater good. When asked what he would do with potential retirement should the Void be saved, he never has an answer. For a man who has already lived much longer than his parents, he's inclined to not give a shit and let the Void decide his fate.


Home Planet: Yahzen

House: Marlow

Eyes: Dark

Hair: Black

Parents: Master Rene and Lady Oliviah

Other Family: Alibast Marlow (Second Cousin)

Orientation: Confirmed Bachelor

Education: Academy